Dentistry has advanced to the point in which pain is almost a thing of the past. We offer three different levels of sedation based on each individuals preference.

NITROUS OXIDE is available for patients that need to relax and be a bit more comfortable with the dental treatment. The patient can hear, see and respond to actions around them. Nitrous Oxide and oxygen are combined and regulated through a flow meter and delivered through a mask while the patient breathes in and out of their nose.

ORAL CONSCIOUS sedation helps our patients be a little more comfortable with a sedative medication administered orally. Depending upon the patient's level of anxiety, and the amount of treatment that needs to be done, the first dose can be administered right before the appointment begins.

We have also partnered with Premier Dental Anesthesia to offer yet another, deeper sedation option. GENERAL ANESTHESIA is the technique were your sedation would be administered through an IV, and the patient is closely monitored by a board-certified anesthesiologist and registered nurse. The patient is NOT put completely to sleep. All patients are still able to respond to verbal commands. You remember very little of the appointment by the next day.

If you haven't seen a general dentist in years, you can now feel comfortable knowing there are options available. We are here to help you overcome your anxiety and worry.