By Dr. Jason Dunville
August 08, 2013
Category: Dental Insurance
Tags: dental services  

Do you have Delta Dental insurance? There seems to be many questions into what the changes are for the dental providers. The article below explains Delta Dental's reasoning behind the fee reductions to current providers. The "fee reduction of 7%", is not accurate. The article below states they are concerned with the competitors premiums being lower than their own fee agreements? Its a shame that they don't have a better relationship with their current providers, and understand that we can't keep taking reductions and still run a business. As of the first of July, we have personally seen an EXTREME decline in reimbursement.  We will be keeping our patients informed as more information is provided to us. As of right now, Dr. Dunville still providers for Delta Dental. We are currently working up a letter to all of our patients needing further explanation, that will be available soon. Thank you, to all of our loyal patients, for your patience as we deal with this matter.